Título: Interventions in historic areas, mobility and urban conservation: the case study of “Bairro do Recife” district

Autores: Tomas de Albuquerque Lapa/ Raphael Ferraz Almeida de Melo

Categoria: Artigo

Palavras-chave: urban conservation, interventions, mobility, Bairro do Recife

Resumo: Urban conservation has been presented as an alternative way to analyze the interfaces between different fields of knowledge that impinge on the process of urban sustainable development. Nowadays, collective identity and memory are essential values that must be present in any urban planning task. In particular, transportation projects represent one of the most interfering interventions on the urban space and, this is especially the case in historic areas. The objective of this paper is to analyze the gap between plans and projects on transportation, which have been conceived in order to improve mobility in central urban areas, and urban conservation. The case study is the current Bairro do Recife District which, since the 1980’s, has been the object of studies, projects and urban interventions which target re-habilitating the area. First, the paper emphasizes the positive and negative impacts on the mobility of people and vehicles, ranked from several projects that reflected directly on the traffic system of the Bairro do Recife. Second, it analyses the role of the Bairro do Recife Technical Agency that has remained as a consultancy body, without the necessary autonomy to assure governability and governance in the area. Third, it is seen that, very often, financial mechanisms are not fully utilized because of the lack of liaison between the different public management bodies. Throughout the analysis, the paper therefore considers the physical integrity, the authenticity of the architectural character and the level of integration between the main objects that comprise the built landscape.

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